Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Busy Artist in Bushwick

My friend Christopher Stout is busy. And he's an artist. With a studio in Bushwick. Therefore, he's a busy artist in Bushwick.

Here's a picture of him.

Christopher Stout
Christopher at His Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn
In addition to being an artist, he's an organizer. He's the founder of the Bushwick Art Crit Group (BAGC)

When he started BAGC, he talked about it as if I knew what an art crit group was. Now I do. In his words, BAGC is "...a networking and creative development community that seeks to give Bushwick artists a nurturing place to share about their work, and to receive feedback on work for which they’d like to hear creative opinions. In addition, BACG seeks to provide the gallery and curatorial communities direct access to connect with engaging Bushwick artists in an organic setting."

I recently went to see some of his work in a group show at 287 Spring Gallery in TriBeCa. 

It was a great show called Just Panic and Get it Over With in which participating artists chose a song from the album of the same name (by Derek Nicoletto) and made pieces in their respective styles,  inspired by the song . Christopher and a few other artists chose the song "Kings Are We". (You can listen to it at the bottom of this post.) 

This is Christopher's: 

And up close:

Super close:

Here are the other artists':
Kings Are We by Krys Fox

Kings Are We by Aaron Barr

Kings Are We by Luke Kurtis

Kings Are We by Thomas Elmlund

Kings Are We by Crash Hottman

Kings Are We by Brad Ouellette

And here's the song that inspired these pieces:

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